Insulation for Fire & Disaster Preparedness

Choosing Fireproof Insulation for Commercial & Residential Safety

Installing Insulation for Fireproofing

Insulation plays a key role in protecting a home or commercial building in case of fire. Insulation, sealants, and related accessories reduce the spread of fire, heat, and smoke throughout a structure. This means more time for occupants to safely evacuate and less damage to property.

The insulation installation experts at TruTeam are available to work with homeowners, home builders, remodelers, and commercial builders to create a disaster preparedness plan and install firestopping products. Contact us for a free quote today!

Benefits of Fireproofing Services

TruTeam’s industry-leading fire resistant products and installation services protect people, homes, and businesses across the country. Fireproofing services can increase the safety of any size building in case of fire.
Our installers provide firestop solutions to meet local building codes and provide passive fire protection. Our products prevent the spread of smoke, heat, and fire throughout a structure.

Insulation for Fireproofing

Using insulation as part of a fireproofing system helps make homes and businesses safer and puts families and tenants at ease. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing structure, properly installing the right type of insulation is key, especially when you need to meet state and local fire and building codes. While insulation cannot make a building fireproof, it can help slow the spread of fires of all sizes.

TruTeam installs a variety of different types of insulation, each with specific benefits in regards to fire stopping and fire resistance. As part of a passive fire protection system, fiberglass insulation can withstand temperatures of up to 1,220 degrees Fahrenheit. Mineral wool insulation is a popular choice for fire resistant insulation because it is not combustible. If you are installing cellulose insulation, TruTeam installers often recommend chemically-enhanced cellulose as part of a fireproofing system.

Protecting the occupants of a home or business in the event of a fire emergency is a big responsibility. Homeowners and builders want to do everything they can to build safe structures, while still remaining conscious of budget restraints.

Installing the best insulation that helps slow the spread of fire and smoke provides valuable extra time to escape in case of fire. The insulation experts at TruTeam will take your project needs into consideration when recommending the right firestopping products for your home or business.

Penetration Firestopping

Walls, floors, and ceilings in homes and businesses are full of penetrations. These include pipes, wires, HVAC, cables, and other structural materials. Unfortunately, each penetration is a gap that leaves a building vulnerable to the spread of fire and smoke.

That’s where TruTeam’s penetration firestopping installation services come in. Firestopping sealant is installed to fill gaps and cracks around these penetrations. These products provide valuable and necessary fire protection in both residential and commercial structures.

Fireproof Insulation & Building Codes

TruTeam’s local firestopping experts provide recommendations and installation services for firestopping solutions to meet and exceed state and local building and fire codes. For example, some fire codes require that vertical openings leading from one floor to another are enclosed by fireproof or fire-resisting materials.

There are also standards and codes that relate to insulation in both residential and commercial construction. By working closely with your local TruTeam contractor, you’ll receive insulation recommendations and installation services that will meet your specific state and local codes.

Air Barriers for Fire Safety

TruTeam also installs air barriers – materials that seal buildings from unintended air flow. This can be important in case of fire or other disaster including commercial or industrial accidents. Air barriers can prevent smoke and other chemicals from moving throughout a structure. Barriers treated with flame retardant chemicals have added protection from high heat and fire.

Air barrier needs in commercial construction can vary based on your geographic location. If your local building codes require flame retardant products, TruTeam may recommend installing barriers like flame retardant sheeting.

Residential Fireproofing

New residential construction has many options when it comes to adding fire resistant insulation and related fire protection systems. Generally, residential fireproofing insulation installation requires access to wall cavities and the internal structure of the home.

In an already existing residential home, a drill-and-fill application of fireproof insulation may be more appropriate and cost effective. Furthermore, passive fire protection using insulation should always be paired with active and preventative fire protection methods like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Commercial Fireproofing

In commercial buildings, fireproofing is regularly part of the construction process, as commercial and industrial buildings are generally larger than homes and are subject to more stringent fire and building regulations. For example, some commercial buildings start with fireproof building design by applying fire-resistant coatings to steel and other structural components. TruTeam also provides slab-edge and head-of-wall firestopping installation for commercial buildings.

Fireproofing Installation Services Near Me

When you need state-of-the-art fire resistant products including insulation for your residential or commercial building project, turn to the professionals at TruTeam. We offer high quality fire resistant insulation and fire protection solutions nationwide. Our installers will keep your structures safe while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Contact your local TruTeam branch for more information and a free quote on our turnkey fireproofing services.

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