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Spray Foam Insulation Installation Services in Charlotte, North Carolina
Choose the team at Pender & Pettus Insulating to install spray foam insulation in any type of building in Charlotte. We commonly use spray foam insulation to fill crevices and seal air and moisture leaks. Spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to insulate new or existing homes and businesses in Charlotte. Our local insulation experts can inspect your project and recommend open or closed cell spray foam or a combination of the two products. For all your spray foam insulation needs in Charlotte, contact Pender & Pettus Insulating, a TruTeam company, today.

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Your home is your biggest investment, and TruTeam is your trusted partner for any project. TruTeam's local, skilled, professional installers provide exceptional value and peace of mind.

Home Builders

Whether you build homes or multifamily dwellings, TruTeam's local, skilled professionals keep projects on budget and on time.

Commercial Builders

TruTeam is your strategic partner for all your commercial building needs. We offer quality, on-time delivery in verticals that include office buildings, arenas, skyscrapers, and more.

Spray Foam Installation Services for Charlotte Homeowners

Homeowners in Charlotte use Pender & Pettus Insulating for spray foam installation. Spray foam can be used to fill uniquely-shaped gaps in homes that are commonly found around pipes, windows, doors, HVAC, and more. Spray foam is a common choice for increasing energy efficiency in a home without having to tear down existing walls.

Spray Foam Installation Services for Charlotte Home Builders

Pender & Pettus Insulating works with home builders and remodelers on all sizes and types of building projects near Charlotte. We install open and closed cell spray foam in single and multifamily homes at competitive prices. We help builders meet building codes while also meeting their budgets and timelines. Pender & Pettus Insulating offers one-stop shopping for all the spray foam installation services that builders need.

Spray Foam Installation Services for Charlotte Commercial Builders

Fill crevices and seal leaks in new or existing commercial buildings in Charlotte with spray foam insulation. Whether you are working on a small office building or a larger industrial project, Pender & Pettus Insulating can supply and install spray foam insulation to build an energy efficient building in Charlotte. We’ll mix your spray foam on-site and use specialized spray foam equipment for effective installation.

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Charlotte Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Spray foam insulation is used in a wide range of applications and construction types in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Spray foam offers several important benefits when properly installed.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Spray foam can improve energy efficiency while reducing energy costs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Installing spray foam to achieve higher R-values can increase indoor comfort while reducing HVAC wear and tear. Spray foam insulation is particularly well-suited to sealing a building envelope from air penetration or loss.

Superior Noise Reduction

Pender & Pettus Insulating installs insulation in walls and floors to create a soundproof barrier in homes and businesses. Because spray foam insulation expands to fill gaps and cracks, it helps prevent noise transfer between rooms and between floors. Spray foam is also effective at keeping outside noise from entering a structure.

Prevent Costly Damage

Spray foam is an effective way to seal a building from penetration by moisture, air, pollutants, and pests. Without insulation, these penetrants can get into walls and other gaps, cracks, and cavities. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew, rot and other potential damage. Buildings insulated with spray foam are more comfortable for occupants and have safer indoor air quality.

About Charlotte Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Services

Spray foam insulation can be used in a variety of applications in homes and commercial buildings throughout Charlotte, North Carolina. The Pender & Pettus Insulating team can help you select the right spray foam product to fit your needs.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a mixture of chemical ingredients that form a foam-like substance that acts as an effective insulation material. There are two main types of spray foam insulation: open cell and closed cell. Spray foam insulation is prepared and mixed by installers on the job site and installation requires the use of specialized spray foam equipment.

Spray Foam vs. Other Insulation

Spray foam fills gaps and cracks more effectively than other types of insulation. Once installed, spray foam insulation stays in place; it won’t sag or settle. Spray foam is growing in popularity in both residential and commercial construction. Because spray foam must be mixed and then spray-applied using special equipment, installation requires hiring professional installers like the team at Pender & Pettus Insulating.

Using Professional Spray Foam Installation Services

Hiring a professional to install your spray foam insulation in Charlotte will provide you with high quality, effective results. Pender & Pettus Insulating’s professional installers are up-to-date on the latest safety standards and come to the job site with all the necessary tools and equipment to install your spray foam efficiently and safely. As a TruTeam company, we have the added advantage and backing of a national company.

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