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Shelves and Storage System Installation

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If a lack of storage space is making your home feel cluttered and claustrophobic, try utilizing your vertical storage space with creative shelving solutions. There’s a good reason why plentiful storage space happens to be one of the biggest selling points in real estate. Over time, even the most spacious homes can be overwhelmed with “stuff” but nowhere to store it. With a little creativity and a small budget-friendly investment, shelving units, or storage systems can be just what you need to banish clutter.

If you’re not sure where to install storage systems, work with an expert to design custom-fit solutions for your home’s underutilized spaces. Experts can install a variety of shelving types, ranging from cost-effective wire shelving to custom-made wood shelving.

Benefits of Home Storage Systems

Many homeowners struggle to use their home’s square footage effectively. The vertical space in our homes is often underutilized and can greatly reduce the clutter and frustration of everyday living. A well-placed storage system can improve the look and function of your home. The benefits of home shelving and storage include:

  • More efficient use of space
  • Clutter-free rooms that are easier to clean
  • Added storage space in closets and pantries
  • Easy viewing and selection of needed items
  • Added value and aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Organized belongings, collectibles, books, toys, etc.

When compared to purchasing a piece of furniture to use for storage, shelves are less expensive and taking care of them is a breeze. Dust and wipe your shelves once a week to keep them sparkling clean.

Types of Home Storage Systems

Given their many advantages, shelves get surprisingly little attention from homeowners on the hunt for extra storage space. While dressers, bins, and other storage options do sometimes offer more room, they can also take up valuable floor space. Shelving units, on the other hand, free up space by taking storage to new heights — literally. The more items you can fit on your walls, the less cluttered your home will feel.

Shelving products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Learning more about your choices can help you narrow your options down to the perfect match for your needs. Popular choices for vertical home storage include:

  • Closet organizers
  • Bookshelves
  • Shoe racks
  • Garage cabinets
  • Pantry shelving

A skilled shelving expert can help you determine which shelving or storage systems best suit your space and can design custom solutions for your home and aesthetic. Quality storage and shelving helps maintain order, minimizes stress, and gives your home or garage a beautiful and cost-effective facelift.

Shelving and Storage System Installation Near You

From creating custom cabinets to handling all types of shelving installations, a professional contractor can help you install a storage system correctly and efficiently. To begin your own home storage project, connect with a local TruTeam partner in your area. Our professional shelving experts will install your new storage systems while carefully protecting your walls, floors, and possessions. Call TruTeam to get started with a free estimate today!

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Home Storage System Types

Pantry Shelves

As one of the most coveted kitchen features, a well-planned pantry can greatly improve your everyday life and add value to your home during resale. Custom sliding drawers and slim-fit shelves designed for food storage can maximize your organization potential. Improved pantry shelving can simplify your cooking routine and help you keep track of your food stock needs. Pantry shelving can also be designed to accommodate kitchen accessories and tools that might otherwise clutter your countertops.

Consider adding a touch of sophisticated style with floating kitchen shelves. Minimalist and modern, floating shelves are ideal for displaying cookbooks, heirlooms, plants, food storage containers, and more.

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Closet Storage Systems

Take advantage of unused space in your closets with custom closet storage systems. Install thin pull-out shelves in a closet for convenient storage that stays out of sight. Adding efficient closet storage design to your home makes your morning routine simpler and allows you to maximize the space you have. From sweater drawers and shoe storage to organized hanging closet sections, there are a number of ways to customize your closet to fit your needs. Professional closet experts can offer ideas and solutions to help get the most out of any closet in your home.

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Garage Shelves and Cabinets

Installing shelving or storage cabinets in your garage can greatly increase your home’s storage capacity. Garage shelving is helpful for storing seasonal items, cleaning products, tools, and other items that clutter your home or basement. Enclosed garage cabinet storage systems can also reduce the appearance of clutter in your garage and allow you to add a lock to keep items stored safely.

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