Fireplace Mantels

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Fireplace Mantels

Mantels, or mantelpieces, are installed around your fireplace to create a focal point in your home. The mantel ledge above your fireplace adds depth and texture to your room while also providing space for additional decor. The term “mantel” can refer to all of the structural components and fire accessories – including the frame – around a fireplace or insert. 

Historically, mantels were projected hoods over a fireplace designed to catch smoke. However, these hoods are no longer relevant in today’s fireplace designs. If you have an existing fireplace facade that you’d like to update, you can opt for a fitted mantelpiece to cover your fireplace masonry and add a modern finish. You can also update your fireplace with the proper paint and a floating mantel shelf. 

Mantel Installation

Professional mantel installation is key to ensuring the safety of your home. Large mantel shelves and old barn beam mantels can weigh anywhere from 75 to over 200 pounds, which means you’ll likely need the help of an expert to mount your mantelpiece securely. You’ll also want to be sure about mantel placement and height because once the mounting brackets are installed, your mantel shelf will be fixed. Mantel installation typically takes around half a day of work.

If you’re installing a wooden mantelpiece, there are some height guidelines you’ll need to follow to stay in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendations. Also, the deeper your wooden mantel shelf is, the higher it will need to be to gain safe clearance from your fireplace. Wooden mantel shelves that project 6 inches from the wall should be mounted at least 15 inches from the top of your fireplace’s combustion chamber. Wooden mantelpieces with a 10 inch depth should be placed a minimum of 19 inches away from the top of your combustion chamber. These guidelines apply to wood-burning fireplaces, wood inserts, gas fireplaces, and pellet inserts. 

Custom Fireplace Mantel

If you have an existing fireplace facade that you’d like to update, consider adding a custom mantel designed to fit your home decor. Professional mantel experts can custom-build a wooden mantel frame for your hearth, finish it to your taste, and install it safely around your existing masonry fireplace. Fireplace installation contractors will professionally mount your mantel using cleat mounts and bolts and will seal and finish the interior frame of your fireplace using fire-safe molding. Mantel installation experts will also be familiar with fire-safe building codes, which require that any combustible materials remain a set distance away from your fireplace box.

Professional Fireplace Mantel Installation

The overall project costs for installing a fireplace mantel will vary depending on the type of mantel and materials you choose. Get an estimate for installation time and material expenses upfront from your contractor. Professional installers are trained to ensure that your mantel is installed safely and is compatible with your existing fireplace. Once installation is complete, mantel installers will clean your home, leaving you to enjoy your beautifully updated fireplace. 

Fireplace Mantel Installation Near You

If you’re ready to install or replace your fireplace mantel, contact your local TruTeam branch. Our nationwide network of hand-picked and proven mantel installation companies have the knowledge and experience to complete expert-level home renovation projects. We can help you through every step of the mantel selection and installation process.

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