Pantry Shelving

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Pantry Shelving

The kitchen pantry is a beloved feature for homeowners and homebuyers alike. The National Association of Home Builders reports that 83% of homebuyers consider kitchen pantries either essential or desirable. Real estate professionals identify that kitchen updates, like added pantry shelving, can pique buyer interests and add to a home’s value.

Almost any available wallspace in your kitchen can be fitted to accommodate shelving or storage, which means that you might have more available kitchen space than you realize. A nearby vestibule, corner space, or closet can be retrofitted to create an enclosed pantry. Whether you have an existing closet that you’d like to convert into a pantry or an empty wall space to fill with open-air shelves, kitchen pantry storage is a cost-effective way to update your kitchen.

Benefits of Pantry Shelving

No matter what type of pantry shelving you choose, the benefits of adding storage to your kitchen are two-fold. First, your newly installed shelves can instantly help reduce clutter, improve the visibility of your pantry items, and streamline the layout of your kitchen. Secondly, these kitchen features can increase your home value and entice future buyers, making pantry storage systems a wise investment.

Types of Pantry Shelving

Understanding the types of pantry storage available can help you choose the style best fit for your kitchen. Whether you need a few well-placed floating shelves or a pantry cabinet, there are plenty of storage options available. Even if you don’t think you have any additional space to spare, a pantry shelving professional can help you evaluate how to most efficiently use your current space.

Pantry Cabinets

In some homes, a pantry cabinet is an excellent option. Tall, skinny cabinet pieces around the refrigerator can be designed to slide-out and reveal side-entry pantry storage components. This pantry style has the ability to seamlessly blend with the look of unified cabinetry.The interior configuration of the shelves can be designed to fit your storage needs, including pull-out spice racks, drawers, and even small appliance storage shelves.

Wall Pantry

Wall pantries are best for open wall spaces and can involve floor-to-ceiling shelving installation. A professional shelving installer can help determine shelving depth and spacing to best accommodate the items you need to store. You can also add storage containers to create a uniform appearance along the wall. 

Walk-In Pantry

Many homeowners assume that because their home wasn’t built with a walk-in pantry, there must not be space for one. However, a pantry closet doesn’t have to be very deep, which means some homeowners may have an unused corner or alcove that can be turned into a pantry. Additionally, a nearby coat or storage closet could be converted into a kitchen storage pantry. A pantry installation expert will evaluate your space and provide potential design options to fit your space. 

Butler’s Pantry

Also referred to as a “scullery,” the butler’s pantry is a historical relic that continues to make an appearance in modern home design. A butler’s pantry is essentially a vestibule or hallway-like walk-through space connected to the kitchen, traditionally used for staging meals and storing dishes. These days, a butler’s pantry can be outfitted with additional cabinetry, making it the perfect space to add pantry storage solutions. If your home already has a walk-through vestibule leading to the kitchen, you might consider installing additional storage or shelving to serve as a pantry.

When You’re Ready

If you’re ready to begin designing your home pantry, contact TruTeam to get started. From initial design to final installation, TruTeam shelving experts will help you create a pantry that fits your home and your budget. When we install your pantry storage system, we will carefully protect your walls, flooring, and possessions. The end result is a beautiful, functional pantry that can add value to your home. Give TruTeam a call for a free pantry shelving estimate today!

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