Aluminum Gutters

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Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the most common choice for modern homeowners. As a practical solution to preventing water damage to your home, aluminum rain gutters are a popular gutter option for several reasons. From their durable, lightweight properties to versatile applications, aluminum gutter systems provide a number of benefits.

Benefits of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a favorite gutter type of contractors and homeowners alike, not only for ease-of-use but also for its cost-effective nature. Depending on metal thickness, gutter type, and climate, aluminum gutter systems can last for many years when installed properly.


Aluminum gutters are extremely cost-effective. When you consider that aluminum gutters last 20 years or more, they become an even better investment. Costs may vary depending on any add-ons or upgrades you decide your gutters need.


Aluminum gutters resist rust over time, adding to their longevity. Their lightweight nature makes aluminum gutters less susceptible to sagging, which can be unsightly and can cause drainage problems. Aluminum gutters can be crafted to have a wider channel, making them ideal for handling heavier rainflow.


Aluminum gutters come in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior. Aluminum is also lightweight, making it easier to handle during installation and easier to manufacture, keeping production costs and consumer prices low. Customization, including seamless designs or specialty channel shapes, provides aluminum gutter buyers with plenty of options to meet their needs.

Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters

If you’re shopping for aluminum rain gutters, your contractor may ask whether you prefer seamless or sectional gutters. Sectional aluminum gutters come in pieces, typically 10 to 20 feet in length, which are connected and fitted with corner pieces wherever needed. Seamless gutters are custom cut to fit the perimeter of your home. This may lead to slightly higher costs but creates a stronger gutter system.

Important Installation Details

Unless you’re building a new home, your gutter contractors will likely need to do more than installing new aluminum rain gutters. Gutter removal can be a delicate process, especially if your home is older. Contractors may need to replace fascia boards. This means that project times may vary, so it’s best to get a specific project time estimate from your contractor.

Expert gutter installers know that installation slope is fundamental. Rain gutters typically have a drainage hole at either end that sits slightly lower than the center to encourage optimal drainage. Slope is key to installing gutters that work properly, and installation requires proper placement of components for the best system flow. Most contractors will also opt for concealed gutter hangers fixed with screws rather than nails to avoid splits in the fascia boards. Gutter hangers also provide added support and help gutters withstand storms and strong winds.

Aluminum Gutter Accessories

Aluminum rain gutters can be paired with a number of gutter accessories to customize the function of your home irrigation system. Leaf guards are a popular choice for homeowners in wooded areas to prevent clogging as well as reduce the frequency of cleaning. Aluminum drip edge flashing is an upgrade that creates a waterproof seam and guides runoff into the gutter. Drip edge flashing prevents mold and mildew from forming along the edges of your roof.

Aluminum downspout extensions help guide rainwater runoff to a grassy area. These extensions are highly durable and allow greater control over where rain ends up so that you can keep it safely away from your home’s foundation.

Aluminum Gutter Installation Near You

TruTeam is your local gutter specialist. We’ll take your home design, your budget, and your design preferences into account and then recommend and install an aluminum gutter system unique to your project. Our team of gutter professionals takes pride in creating and installing attractive functional gutter systems that prevent leaks, last for a long time, and increase curb appeal.

Contact TruTeam today to learn more about our aluminum gutters and our gutter installation services.

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