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Bathroom Hardware

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While it may seem like a small consideration, quality bathroom hardware can greatly improve the look of your bathroom and even boost your home’s resale value. From towel racks and door handles to drawer pulls, these details add up to create a bigger picture of everyday luxury. Professional bathroom hardware installation ensures that your walls and fixtures won’t be damaged by wear and tear or regular moisture exposure.

Home sellers can benefit from updating bathrooms with new hardware. These details can greatly influence potential homebuyers. Well-designed bathrooms attract buyers and can reduce the amount of time your home spends on the market. Even better, you’re likely to recover the money you invest in small details like your bathroom fixtures through an increased sale price.

Bathroom Hardware Types

If you have a limited budget for your home improvement, upgrading your bathroom hardware, mirrors, and medicine cabinet can yield big returns. Whether you’re selling your home or simply in need of a refresh, here are a few options for bathroom hardware installation:

  • Custom cabinet hardware
  • Specialty robe or towel hooks
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Rods and towel bars
  • Door and drawer pulls
  • Safety rails and shower rods
  • Custom mirrors

Choose from a variety of metal finishes, colors, and modern designs to add tasteful contemporary details to your bathroom. Professional bathroom hardware contractors can ensure that your bathroom elements are top-quality and expertly installed. Work with experts to select custom bathroom hardware that fits your needs and taste.

What To Expect

Because replacing bathroom hardware is largely an aesthetic update, these installation projects are usually very quick. Once you’ve selected your materials and finishes, bathroom hardware installation typically takes a few hours. Ask for an upfront estimate of time and costs. If you’re working with a contractor to select custom bathroom hardware, be sure to ask how ordering these products might impact the timeline of your bathroom project.

Bathroom Hardware Installers Near You

Contact TruTeam to connect with bathroom hardware installation experts in your area. Our professional installers are fully background checked, licensed, and insured. We will work with you to choose the best bathroom hardware to match your style and budget and then complete your bathroom project with efficient installation services. Our installers will keep your home clean during and after the installation process. 

To get started updating your bathroom with high quality, attractive bathroom hardware options, contact a local TruTeam branch near you today!

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Where to Mount Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware installation can be more complicated than you think. From locating wall brackets to determining the safest mounting types, the many steps of hardware installation often require professional knowledge to avoid damaging walls and cabinets. For this reason, it’s best to hire an installation expert. 

Towel Bar

Ideal for bath towels, a towel bar is best situated 42 to 48 inches off the ground so a large towel can hang without touching the floor. If you don’t have a large enough wall space for a towel bar, consider using a robe hook instead. If your bathroom is small or medium sized (5’ x 8’), stick to a width of 18 to 24 inches for your towel bar. For larger spaces, you can opt for 30 to 36 inch width.

Towel Ring

As a space-saving option for hand towels by the sink, towel rings are a wise choice. The ideal height for mounting a towel ring is between 48 to 52 inches off the ground. For double sinks, it’s best to plan for dual rings (one on either side). Plan ahead to place your towel rings on either side of the sinks in a symmetrical fashion, which may be challenging if there is only a wall on one side. 

Robe Hook

Despite their names, robe hooks are commonly used to hang bath towels. You can mount robe hooks anywhere from 55 to 70 inches off the ground for adults or 42 inches off the ground for children. Robe hooks come in a variety of styles and are a space-efficient alternative to traditional towel bars. You can also use robe hooks in conjunction with towel bars to add a useful space to hang clothes or — as the name suggests — a robe!

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders should be mounted beside the toilet and fixed to a wall or cabinet side. The ideal height is 26 inches off the ground. Avoid installing toilet paper holders behind or directly in front of the toilet. If you don’t have good options for side mounting, consider an elegant freestanding or floor mounted option.

Shower Rod

Depending on your shower enclosure, you may choose to install a mounted shower rod. As a more permanent (and safer) alternative to tension rods, a mounted shower rod can better withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It’s best to install your shower curtain anywhere from 70 to 77 inches off the ground, though this could depend on the length of your shower curtain. If you’d like to create the appearance of a taller ceiling, you can opt for extra-long curtains and a higher shower rod mounting height.

Grab Bar

For added safety while stepping in and out of a tub or shower, sturdy grab bars are a wise choice, particularly if you have children or older family members. A well-placed grab bar can prevent dangerous slips on the bathroom floor. The ideal height for mounting a grab bar is 33 to 36 inches off the ground. Grab bars can be installed near the tub, shower, or toilet to meet ADA standards.

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