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Closet Organizers

If you know the feeling of never having enough room in your closet, consider installing a shelving system or closet organizer. Closet storage is a common concern for homeowners and homebuyers alike. Luckily, smart organization allows you to fit more into your closet than you ever imagined. It doesn’t matter if you have a walk-in closet or a smaller one-door space, a closet system can maximize the space you have. All it takes is a little planning, efficient design, and some helpful accessories. 

Types of Closet Storage Solutions

Closet shelf and storage systems design will depend on your existing wardrobe and the problems you currently face. Before your initial consultation with a closet expert or before you begin the planning process, identify which items you need help storing and donate any items you no longer need.

Dual Hanging Rods

One of the most common ways that we waste closet space is in hanging rod design and placement. The space below your hanging clothes can be better used with installation of a second hanging rod for two-tiered storage of shirts, folded pants, and jackets. Double the number of clothes you can hang in your closet by adding another rod. Similarly, installing a few well-placed hooks along the walls and sides of your closet can add extra space for hanging a robe, accessories, and other items.

Closet Shelves

Sturdy, well-placed shelving can add more storage room where once there was nothing but empty walls. Shelves can be used to store shoes, umbrellas, books, folded sweaters, storage bins and more all while keeping everything separate and organized. A professional will measure and custom fit shelving systems in your closet space.

Consider the types of items you want to store in your closet. Do you need a shoe storage shelf? Would you prefer a thin slide-out drawer system? What other accessories do you need space for? Answering these questions will help you decide on the proper layout and style of your custom closet organizer. Even if you have existing shelves, a professional closet designer can install more shelving and adjust current shelving placement to accommodate your items. Adjustable shelves give you added flexibility if your storage needs change in the future.

Storage bins can be helpful for items you don’t use regularly, such as seasonal or special event shoes and accessories. Overhead shelves are perfect for storage bins, and placing lesser-used items in bins can reduce the appearance of clutter. 

Door Storage

You can easily install accessory hooks or custom shoe racks to the inside of your closet door. Door storage makes it easy to quickly grab these items when you’re getting dressed or hang them up after a long day. Consider adding valet hooks to the inside of one of your closet doors or along the wall. Valet hooks can accommodate clothes on a hanger and can be deep enough to hold several outfits. Valet hooks are particularly useful for outfit planning or storage of suits and other specialty items.

Tilt-Out or Pull-Out Drawers

Consider installing pull-out drawers in your closet as well. These drawers are typically thinner than an average dresser drawer, but they still provide tidy, separated storage. Many closet pull-out drawers have a partially open-front design so you can easily see and select the item you’re looking for. 

If your closet doesn’t have much depth, you can also install tilt-out drawers for storage of umbrellas, shoes, and other items. These tilt-out bins are a popular choice for laundry bins, allowing quick sorting and concealing of dirty laundry.

Closet Organizer Installation Near You

TruTeam’s shelving and storage systems organize and beautify any storage space in your home. We offer a variety of storage solutions including cost-effective wire shelving and custom-made wood shelving. Our skilled closet organizer team can determine which shelving or storage system best fits your space and your budget. Contact TruTeam today for a free estimate on closet organizers and other storage systems.

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