Mirror and Shower Door Installation

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Shower Door and Mirror Installation

Shower Door & Mirror Installation

Bathrooms are an especially important design feature in any home. A well-designed bathroom offers a number of benefits, including streamlined function, easy cleaning and maintenance, and tasteful details. The layout of your bathroom can have a huge impact on your daily routine, and the quality of your bathroom installation can improve your home’s resale value. In fact, Zillow reports that even minor bathroom remodels consisting of new light fixtures, new tiling, and the addition of a double vanity can result in a $1.71 increase in the value of the home for every dollar you spend on the project. 

As a crucial element in your bathroom renovation, mirrors, and glass shower doors can provide a particular challenge for renovators. Many homeowners use local experts to size and install their mirrors and glass shower doors. Professional mirror and shower door installation ensures that your bathroom is finished correctly and safely.

Shower Doors

If you’re tired of replacing shower curtains and would like a more finished, modern look in your bathroom, glass shower doors are an excellent choice. Aside from the added luxury and moisture protection of an enclosed glass shower, these shower doors can increase your home value and appeal to buyers during resale. Expertly installed glass shower doors can be fixed to built-in shower spaces that are enclosed on either side by existing walls. Professional contractors can also build glass shower enclosures with exposed glass walls. 

Types of Shower Doors

Shower enclosures are commonly made out of thick tempered glass, which is thermally pretreated for added durability. It is possible for tempered glass to break when placed under a significant amount of force. If this happens, the glass typically cracks or crumbles inward rather than shattering outward. This high durability and safety, even when damaged, makes tempered glass ideal for all types of shower enclosures and glass doors.

Choose from traditional, clear tempered glass or semi-transparent, mottled, or frosted glass to customize the look and privacy of your bathroom. You can also choose between framed and frameless shower doors. Framed doors have a metal frame, while frameless styles offer a sleek, modern “floating” appearance. Other shower door options include hinged shower doors or sliding styles, which can be a good choice for smaller bathrooms.

Shower Door Installation: What to Expect

Proper caulking around the seams of your shower components will allow for waterproof sealing and helps reduce long term possibilities for mold and mildew. Other materials, such as metal tracking for your sliding shower doors, will require additional installation and professional waterproofing. Be sure to ask your contractor for an estimate of the project duration so you can plan accordingly, especially if this is your primary bathroom.

Home Mirrors

Proper mirror installation in your home is crucial to the appearance and safety of your living spaces. While functional and design-worthy, mirrors allow for customizable enhancement of your living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and more. Large wall mirrors create the appearance of a larger room size, while specialty framed mirrors are a tasteful design element in your interior design. Each mirror needs to be properly installed using a mounting style appropriate for your walls. Proper mirror installation prevents damage to your walls, broken mirrors, and even injury.

Bathroom Mirror Installation

Adding a bathroom mirror can dramatically increase the perceived size of your bathroom. Mirrors also enhance reflectivity, magnifying the brightness of your bathroom and making the space feel more open. Many people install large bathroom mirrors over the sink, especially in shared spaces. These mirrors require expert installation to ensure the mirror is firmly fixed to the wall. Mirror experts can install an invisibly mounted seamless mirror or a framed mirror. You might also consider installing specialty mirrors with anti-fog glass.

Another option in a smaller bathroom is to install a mirrored medicine cabinet over your sink. Mirrored medicine cabinets provide easy storage and come in mounted or recessed varieties. Recessed medicine cabinets typically have front mirrors that sit flush with the wall and storage that is built into the wall itself. The sleek finish of a recessed medicine cabinet is a favorite among designers and homeowners. For a quicker solution that won’t require cutting into your walls, consider a wall-mounted mirror-front medicine cabinet.

Wall and Hallway Mirrors

Homeowners also often install mirrors in the living room, entryways, and halls. Experts can safely install oversized wall mirrors or heavy hanging framed mirrors. Mirror contractors can add custom frames to existing glass mirrors or help you select special beveled-edge mirror styles and shapes to fit your home’s aesthetic. Professional mirror installers can guarantee safe wall mounting suited to your wall type to prevent damage to your home.

Mirror Installation: What To Expect 

The installation process for your home’s mirrors will largely depend on the size of the mirror and any special requirements for mounting. For example, an installer may need to cut a hole for a built-in mirror and bathroom medicine cabinet. Large and heavy mirrors may require several experts to handle your mirror glass safely and ensure perfect installation. Professional installers will ensure that all of your mirrors are hung correctly, with appropriate mounting hardware, and will keep your home clean during and after installation.

Shower Door & Mirror Installers Near You

Design the bathroom of your dreams without the hassle of a DIY project. TruTeam’s professional mirror and shower door installers can transform any sized bathroom into a luxury spa-like retreat. Whether you need to replace a shower door or are looking for custom shower enclosures and custom mirrors, the TruTeam experts can help. Our high quality installation services will ensure your bathroom is completed on time and on budget. Contact us for a free quote today!

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