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Drill-and-Fill Insulation Services

Hidden spaces in walls that are lacking in insulation can cost homeowners money. In typical homes, air leakage accounts for 25-40% of the energy produced by HVAC equipment. TruTeam’s drill-and-fill insulation application installs a loose-fill insulation material through a small hole cut into the wall. The blown-in insulation then forms a seal around gaps and cracks, particularly around pipes, cables, doors, and more. To learn more about drill-and-fill services, contact TruTeam today!

  • Insulation Installation in Closed Ceilings and Walls

    Existing homes with closed ceilings and walls can be lacking in insulation. However, homeowners don’t want to have to remove entire walls to install new insulation. These are instances where drill-and-fill services from TruTeam’s insulation experts can help. Our insulation contractors drill a small hole into the wall or ceiling and then blow insulation into the cavity behind it.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Insulation for Your Home

    Installing additional insulation using a drill-and-fill application makes your home more environmentally sustainable. You can reduce your utility costs and improve the efficiency of your heating and/or air conditioning. TruTeam installs a loose-fill insulation material that is made from 25% or more recycled content that is formaldehyde and chemical free.

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  • Professional insulation installers experienced in drill-and-fill applications
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As a nationwide network of hand-picked and proven installers, TruTeam provides superior service and value on insulation and building materials combined with strong local relationships and national resources. We help keep projects on schedule and on budget through professional installation from respected local contractors and turnkey solutions.

Benefits of Drill-and-Fill Insulation

Installing home insulation through a drill-and-fill application has many benefits for homeowners. Contact TruTeam to see if drill-and-fill is right for your insulation needs.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Blown-in insulation can easily fill gaps, cracks, and crevices behind walls and in ceilings. This creates a seamless thermal blanket and can fill around penetrations including pipes, ductwork, and more. Drill-and-fill insulation installation reduces utility costs and demands on HVAC systems. Sealing air leaks can cut your home’s air leakage by up to 45%. The installed insulation won’t settle or separate, providing long lasting comfort and savings.

Increase Insulation R-Values

Older homes often need additional insulation installed in interior and exterior walls. Drill-and-fill applications provide an effective way to retrofit older homes with insulation. TruTeam uses a loose-fill insulation material in drill-and-fill applications that delivers higher R-values than traditional fiberglass batt insulation. To determine the right R-values for your home, contact TruTeam’s insulation experts.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Many homes built before 1960 have little to no insulation in the walls. In these homes, you may notice cold drafts or walls that are cold to the touch. Adding insulation into the interior and exterior walls can keep older homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, installing insulation through drill-and-fill applications can improve sound control between rooms.

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