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Acoustical Ceiling Insulation Services

Acoustical ceilings are a great option when you need a cost-effective solution to reduce room noise in any structure or commercial building. Our professionally installed acoustical ceilings reduce room reverberation and floor-to-ceiling room transfer, resulting in a more productive workspace. Acoustical ceilings also hide ceiling pipe and duct work.

  • Acoustical Ceiling Installation

    Acoustical ceilings provide superior noise control in multifamily buildings and commercial structures. This type of insulation is ideal for churches, offices, apartment complexes, and other noise sensitive areas. Acoustical ceilings improve the acoustic performance of the structure by absorbing sound waves and increasing the density of the ceilings. Contact TruTeam for more information on our acoustical ceilings for commercial & multifamily buildings.

  • Choosing Acoustical Ceiling Products

    It’s important to choose the right acoustical ceiling material for your project. TruTeam works with you to find the right product that matches your acoustic performance needs plus visual preferences. We carry a variety of acoustical ceiling insulation materials to fit any budget, and with our national distribution system, we can have your acoustical ceiling ready to install anywhere throughout the country.

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Benefits of Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical ceilings provide many benefits in commercial buildings and other structures. Contact TruTeam to learn more about installing acoustical ceilings in your projects.

Superior Noise Control

Commercial buildings often require insulation for noise reduction. Acoustical ceilings absorb sound to help reduce room echo. They also aid in the reduction of floor-to-ceiling sound transfer and can absorb sound coming in from outside a structure . In some cases (e.g., auditoriums, theaters), acoustical ceilings can be used to enhance sound quality.

Simplify Access to Pipes and Wiring

Acoustical ceilings can be used to hide pipes, duct work, and wiring in the ceilings of commercial buildings. However, acoustical ceiling panels can easily be moved to provide a convenient access point for maintenance and repairs on those pipes and wires. The flexibility of acoustical ceilings is a great advantage over a fixed, drywall ceiling.

A Great Looking Ceiling

Acoustical ceilings give you the flexibility to install a great looking ceiling that is unique to your building. Your custom ceiling can be achieved through different acoustic ceiling tiles, colors, sizes, and more. Acoustical ceilings are also more affordable than other ceiling options. Certain acoustical ceiling tiles have the added benefit of being reflective to help increase light efficiency.

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