Garage Cabinets and Shelves

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Garage Cabinets and Shelves

Having adequate shelving in the garage is something that many people overlook. Power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and other household items should be stored in a safe location away from vehicles, pets, and children. Seasonal items may also require extra storage space that you don’t have or want to use indoors. Garage cabinets and shelving units offer an easy storage option that’s out of the way of your daily life, particularly for items that you don’t use frequently.

Garage storage experts can custom-build wall shelves and cabinet units into open space inside your garage. Some contractors may even be able to create overhead loft storage shelves to accommodate storage bins. No matter what your garage storage needs, optimized garage storage can be a wise investment in your home.

Benefits of Garage Storage

There are many things people accumulate that we may not need to access regularly. If your basement and closet storage options are limited, the garage can be an excellent place to store bulky household items and seasonal decor. The vertical wallspace of a garage is frequently underutilized and can be a great place to store tools, sporting goods, bikes, and seasonal items. Garage shelving and lockable cabinetry provides a way to safely store cleaning supplies, tools, fire extinguishers, and other items that shouldn’t be accessible to children. 

Types of Garage Storage

Once you’ve decided you need more storage capacity in your garage, consider all the types of storage solutions available. Even if you have minimal floor space, there are a number of wall-mounted options that can greatly increase your available storage space. Many garages have a decent amount of vertical space that isn’t fully utilized. Consider the layout of your garage, as well as any existing items, like workbenches or shelves, when deciding on your storage design.

Moveable Shelving

As the simplest solution to storing larger items and containers, heavy duty shelves are a great way to instantly increase your garage storage space. This option is best suited for garages with available floor space. You can easily line a single wall or several walls with shelves designed to hold heavier items. These shelves can also be paired with corner shelving pieces to maximize your garage storage potential.

Mounted Shelves

To keep your garage floor space available for bikes and other items, wall-mounted shelving is a wise choice. Expertly installed floating shelves are a storage solution that’s well-suited for garages with limited floor space. Shelves can be installed over workbenches, sinks, and other items already installed in your garage. Even if you have to access higher shelves with a step ladder, this added storage space can greatly reduce clutter and streamline your garage.

Ceiling Storage

If you’ve exhausted your wall space options and have limited floor space, garage ceiling shelves are yet another useful storage option. These open-air shelves are mounted to the ceiling of your garage and usually require a ladder or step stool to access items on the shelves. Ceiling storage is a good choice for seasonal decor, off-season sports equipment, and specialty items that you don’t need to access regularly. 

Garage Cabinet & Shelving Installation Near You

TruTeam’s shelving and storage system experts are ready to help you with your garage storage needs. Our skilled storage experts can evaluate your garage and your storage needs and then make personalized recommendations for cabinets and shelves that fit your space and your budget. With TruTeam’s garage cabinet and shelving installation services, your garage will make more efficient use of its storage space and you’ll have a clutter-free garage. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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