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Protect structures from damage due to the elements with weatherproofing services from TruTeam

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Protect your home from water damage and costly air leaks

  • Professional weatherproofing installers dedicated to high quality results
  • High quality weatherproofing products available nationwide
  • Assistance detecting and sealing areas where your home is most vulnerable
Residential Home Builders and Remodelers

Turnkey weatherproofing solutions available for single family and multifamily dwellings

  • Support for local, regional, and national home builders and remodelers
  • Thousands of installers who are integral members of their local communities
  • Our installers and weatherproofing products available nationwide
Commercial Builders

Seal commercial and industrial structures from penetration by moisture, air, pests and more

  • Thousands of qualified installers located throughout the country
  • Protect and improve profit margins and safeguard project timelines
  • Extensive national footprint and diverse weatherproofing product range

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Air Sealing

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Expert Weatherproofing Contractors

Whether you are a homeowner, home builder, remodeler, or commercial builder, TruTeam’s weatherproofing experts are available nationwide to recommend and install air sealing and waterproofing solutions.

Weatherproofing to Protect Homes and Businesses

TruTeam’s weatherproofing contractors have worked on projects including single family homes, multifamily buildings, and large commercial structures. We work to seal and protect structures of every size from penetration and damage due to the elements. Contact TruTeam today to receive a free quote on weatherproofing services including air sealing and waterproofing.

A Nationwide Network of Weatherproofing Contractors

TruTeam’s hundreds of local divisions are made up of experienced weatherproofing contractors. We have a proven track record of providing excellent service, competitive pricing, nationwide distribution of diverse products, and professional installers focused on safety. Our weatherproofing experts will work with you to protect any structure from air and water penetration while meeting your budget, schedule, and individual project needs.

Reap The Benefits of Weatherproofing

Installing weatherproofing solutions can help protect structures from penetration by air, moisture, pests, and more. Waterproofing products can reduce the risk of water damage and can reduce humidity in a home or business. Air sealing helps cut heating and cooling costs while also keeping pests, allergens, and pollutants out.

Proven Weatherproofing Installation Experts

TruTeam’s weatherproofing consultants are located across the country, ready to give your project the individualized attention it deserves. Our weatherproofing services provide value, energy efficiency, and structural protection for homeowners, remodelers, home builders, and commercial builders. Contact us today to learn how our local divisions can help with any weatherproofing project.

Top Weatherproofing Services Available

Seal your home or commercial building from penetration by outside elements with professional weatherproofing solutions installed by TruTeam. Contact us for a free weatherproofing quote today!

Air Sealing

Make any home, multifamily building, or commercial structure airtight with air sealing solutions installed by TruTeam. We install insulation, caulking, and sealants to help prevent air leaks in walls, floors, and ceilings. These weather-resistant barriers prevent penetration by moisture and pests as well as prevent inefficient air transfer. Installing air sealing products can improve a building’s energy efficiency.


Water damage can be a headache to deal with while also being very costly for homeowners and building managers. TruTeam’s waterproofing solutions can be custom designed for homeowners, home builders, remodelers, and commercial builders. Help prevent future water damage and add value to the structures you build with waterproofing services installed by TruTeam.

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