Copper Gutters

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Copper Gutters

Copper gutters have long been a favorite of home designers and realtors for their high-impact aesthetics and longevity. Having copper gutters on your home increases your home value and lowers the frequency of gutter replacement. Copper gutters boost curb appeal, making these gutters a wise choice for resale value. Copper has a longer lifespan than other gutter materials which means their higher upfront costs can average out over time.

Benefits of Copper Gutters

For homeowners, home buyers, and contractors, copper gutters offer a number of benefits that contribute to the appearance and function of a home. Copper naturally resists wear and tear due to water exposure. For this reason, copper outlasts other metal gutter materials and is a popular choice for wet, coastal climates. Copper is an eco-friendly material, so you can design a home irrigation system in a way that reduces your impact on the environment.

Long Lasting Properties

Copper gutters last longer than other common gutter types, such as aluminum, steel, or vinyl. When properly installed and maintained, copper gutters can last for over 50 years. Copper is also the only metal gutter type that resists underside corrosion, which means your gutters remain free of unsightly discoloration and damage.


Copper is a highly recyclable and environmentally-friendly material. Gutter manufacturers can use 70% to 100% recycled copper when fabricating new gutter systems. That’s twice the recycled value of most aluminum gutters and four times the amount in stainless steel gutter systems. Copper is an entirely natural material, and to date only 12% of the world’s known copper has been mined. Due to its low-impact manufacturing and highly recyclable nature, copper gutters are a favorite among eco-conscious home shoppers.

Curb Appeal

Copper gutters resist rust and corrosion, which means you won’t have to worry about holes forming in your gutters over time. Copper is a natural algaecide and fungicide, meaning moss won’t grow on your gutters, reducing clogging and maintenance needs. Depending on your copper finish, your gutters might be able to be primed with a sealant to retain their shine. You can also opt for copper gutters without a sealant finish. When left uncoated, copper gutters will develop an elegant patina over time as the metal slowly oxidizes, resulting in gutters that are similar in color to the Statue of Liberty. This oxidation process takes approximately 5 years and adds a timeless feel to the exterior of your home. Patina can occur faster in cooler, wetter climates and may take longer in sunny, hot climates. Copper patina also provides an added layer of protection, further extending the life of your gutter system.


While you might not think of flexibility as a good quality in your gutters, it can actually simplify the production and installation process. It also prevents long-term wear that often affects aluminum gutters. Slight movements and pressure will not cause cracking, and copper gutters resist damage typically caused by thermal expansion. Copper has a low thermal coefficient, meaning that contractors can fit long-run pieces without the need for expansion joints.

Important Installation Details

If you’re attached to the shiny appearance of new copper gutters, you may want to consider paying extra for a sealing primer coating. On the other hand, allowing your copper to develop a natural patina can offer added protection and a stately appearance. The patina process may take years to develop unless you have your copper gutters treated with an oxidation solution. You’ll also want to decide if you prefer half-rounds or K-style gutters, as this may affect your gutter project budget.

Copper Gutter Accessories

Copper gutters should always be installed with other copper accessories, like copper downspouts and downspout brackets. This maintains the cohesive look of your gutter system and also ensures you receive the full benefits of copper rain gutters. Pairing your long-run gutters with correct copper end caps, miters, and elbows is an important part of designing your irrigation system. Local gutter installation professionals can help you choose copper fasteners, downspout hooks, offsets, flashing, and even decorative finials to design a complete custom gutter system for your home.

Copper Gutter Costs

Due to their anti-corrosive properties and long lifespan, copper gutters can cost several times more than cheaper metal systems. Copper thickness and shape can also impact pricing. Half-round copper gutters offer an antique look but may be slightly more expensive than K-style gutters.

Your copper gutters will require significantly less lifetime maintenance and will outlast other gutter types. This means your upfront investment in copper gutters may pay for itself over time, especially during future home resale.

Copper Gutter Installation Near You

Whatever your gutter needs and project size, TruTeam can help. Our copper gutter systems look great, last for a long time, and provide effective drainage. TruTeam’s safety-oriented gutter installers ensure that gutter fabrication and installation work is completed in a professional and safe environment. All of our gutter installers are fully background checked, licensed, and insured.

To learn more about copper gutter installation for your next gutter project, contact the experts at TruTeam. We’d be happy to provide you with a free copper gutter estimate.

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