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Curtain Wall Insulation Installation

A safe and comfortable environment is crucial for every commercial building. Curtain wall insulation helps reduce moisture and aids in increasing energy efficiency. Carefully selecting and installing curtain wall insulation is key to maintaining effective air and vapor barriers. Contact TruTeam today for all your curtain wall insulation needs.

  • Insulation Installation in Curtain Walls

    Curtain wall insulation is important in creating a comfortable, safe building structure. Curtain wall insulation helps reduce moisture which, in turn, helps prevent the build up of mold and mildew. Curtain wall insulation also helps improve energy efficiency. TruTeam’s local insulation contractors have experience in installing curtain wall insulation in a wide variety of buildings.

  • Choosing the Right Curtain Wall Insulation

    TruTeam’s insulation experts can make recommendations on which curtain wall insulation materials to use in your structure. Some curtain wall insulation materials can act as a natural fire barrier, protecting combustible elements and steel structures. Our insulation contractors will take your project specifications, local building codes, and your budget into consideration and will recommend the right curtain wall insulation material for your needs.

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Benefits of Curtain Wall Insulation

Curtain wall insulation can be used for energy efficiency, sound absorption, and general home comfort and safety. Contact TruTeam to learn more about ceiling insulation benefits.

Reducing Moisture

Curtain walls are particularly susceptible to the build up of moisture and condensation. Curtain wall insulation can help alleviate this problem and reduce the risk of developing mold, mildew, and odors. A complete vapor barrier is necessary in curtain walls to address potential moisture issues. TruTeam can ensure that moisture stays out of your curtain walls.

Fire Protection

Certain types of curtain wall insulation materials can add fire protection to commercial buildings. ROCKWOOL is one type of curtain wall insulation that provides superior fire resistance in glass, metal, and other types of curtain walls. TruTeam can ensure that your curtain wall insulation meets all local building and fire safety codes.

Improve Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of installing curtain wall insulation is that it improves the efficiency of commercial HVAC systems. Curtain wall insulation helps maintain a steady internal building temperature and acts as an air barrier in the structure. To learn more about the energy savings associated with curtain wall insulation, contact TruTeam today!

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