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Penetration Firestopping Installation by TruTeam

Help protect your commercial building and its occupants in case of fire with penetration firestopping installation from TruTeam. Our firestopping experts can install fire resistant sealant to reduce the risk of fire, smoke and heat spreading throughout a commercial building. Installing penetration firestopping is critical to a commercial building’s safety plan. Contact TruTeam to learn more about our penetration firestopping products.

  • Commercial Firestopping Requirements

    Commercial firestopping is required by state and local building and fire codes. TruTeam’s local firestopping experts can help advise commercial builders on ways to install penetration firestopping solutions to meet and exceed these code requirements, with the ultimate goal of building a safer structure that is completed on budget and on time. Contact TruTeam for more information on all of our commercial firestopping installation services.

  • Penetration Firestopping

    Pipes, wires, HVAC components, and other structural materials frequently penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings throughout commercial buildings. These penetrations leave commercial buildings vulnerable to the spread of fire and smoke. Firestopping sealant can be used to fill gaps and cracks around these penetrations, providing valuable and necessary fire protection in commercial structures. To learn more about TruTeam’s firestopping products and services, contact us today.

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Why TruTeam?

  • Ensure compliance with building and fire codes
  • A strategic ally that understands quality, budgets, schedules, and more
  • Thousands of qualified firestop installers located throughout the country
  • Professional installers who put commercial building safety first
  • Extensive national footprint and diverse firestopping sealants

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Benefits of Penetration Firestopping

TruTeam can assist commercial builders with selection and installation of penetration firestop products. Help protect your commercial buildings from smoke and fire damage with the firestopping experts at TruTeam.

Fire Protection for Commercial Buildings

Installing penetration firestopping products helps increase the safety of commercial buildings in case of a fire. Sealing penetrations in walls, ceilings, and floors helps prevent fire, smoke, and heat from traveling between rooms and between floors while increasing fire-resistance ratings. TruTeam’s firestopping products also help reduce the risk of fire-related structural failure.

Increased Safety

TruTeam’s selection of firestop sealants are used as part of a fire protection system to seal joints and openings in fire-resistant walls and floors. TruTeam installs penetration firestopping solutions in order to help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and heat through a commercial building while also providing passive fire protection. Our firestop products can give occupants more time to exit in case of fire.

Meet Building & Fire Codes

Commercial buildings throughout the United States have to meet state and local building and fire code standards. The 2009 International Building Code also has specified requirements for fire containment. TruTeam’s national network of local firestopping experts can recommend fire resistant and firestop products to meet and exceed code requirements while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Firestopping Installation in Many Types of Commercial Buildings

TruTeam installs penetration firestopping products in all types of commercial building projects – both large and small. From restaurants and office buildings to skyscrapers and arenas, our experienced commercial fireproofing contractors recommend firestop sealants to fit your project and your budget. Contact TruTeam to learn more about how we can help with your specific penetration firestopping needs.

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