Why You Need Gutters on Your House

Learn why gutters are important in preventing costly home damage

Why Gutters are a Necessity for Your House

There are a number of important reasons why you need gutters on your house. Effective gutter systems extend the life of your home, prevent costly damage, and help preserve landscaping. A lack of effective gutter systems can cause issues inside and outside a home that you may not notice at first glance.

Benefits of Gutters

As an investment in the long-term integrity of a home or property, gutter systems are a simple method of protection against wear and tear both inside and outside a building. Quality gutter systems made of durable copper or steel can last 20 years or more depending on the specific material and coating. Whether you’re a homebuyer or homeowner, understanding why you need gutters can be a helpful step in gutter evaluation and maintenance.

Erosion Prevention

Erosion is a term used to describe the washing away of surface soil. Erosion can be detrimental to a home and surrounding plants and landscaping. Erosion occurs over time, but you can control erosion by diverting rainfall appropriately. Houses that are built to code sit on a slightly raised slope to prevent erosion, but this slope can be washed away if gutters are not installed or not functioning properly. Gutter systems prevent erosion by directing water away from the home and into rainwater collection points. Erosion can impact your home’s foundation and can damage your lawn or landscaping.

Protection Against Foundation Settling

When erosion occurs around the perimeter of the home, your home’s foundation can settle or shift. This can greatly decrease home values and can cause other costly damage. Even slight changes to a home’s foundation can cause cracks and pressure points. Gutters prevent your home foundation from settling as a result of erosion.

Basement Damage Prevention

Another effect of erosion around the base of the home is damage to basement walls. When soil around the home becomes flooded or saturated, it is very heavy. This added weight causes pressure to build along the outside of basement walls, contributing to potential foundation cracks and decreased structural integrity. Cracks can lead to water leaks, causing major issues in your basement and damage to your home.

Better Landscaping Management

Erosion can wash away soil and nutrients important to the health of your garden or landscaping. If you have hedges or raised landscaping around your home, rooftop runoff can be devastating. Proper gutter systems can contribute to the health of your gardens and lawn by diverting rainwater towards grass which naturally resists soil erosion.

Protection for Your Home’s Siding

It’s also important to protect the exterior surface of your home from rain damage. Gutters protect your home’s siding from discoloration and mildew growth. On vinyl siding, water damage can cause cracks if left untreated. Other forms of siding, especially wood, can sustain water damage more quickly. Stucco and brick can also be slowly eroded, especially if water freezes along the surface. Any cracks that appear in your home’s siding allow moisture to penetrate the surface of your siding, which can cause more damage to your home.

Types of Gutter Materials

Gutters are made from a variety of plastic or metal materials, each with their own benefits. While some gutter materials resist rust and water damage, others resist discoloration and cracks. Vinyl gutters are typically the most affordable option, while aluminum gutters are mid-range in price. Galvanized steel and copper gutters are typically higher in price but offer additional aesthetic and functional benefits.

What to Expect During Installation

Experienced gutter installers can usually install a gutter system including all downspouts and connecting joints within several hours. If the technician has to remove your old gutters first, your project may take more time and have a higher cost. Gutter removal requires careful attention to avoid unnecessary damage and require replacement of fascia boards.

It is important to use a professional to install your gutters. Because gutters play such a vital role in protecting your home from water damage, you’ll want to be sure your gutters are properly installed. Gutter installers are trained on the latest technology and safety standards.

Gutter Installation Near You

At TruTeam, we take pride in celebrating technical excellence and high-quality building materials. We install high quality gutter products, and all of our experienced gutter installers make sure your gutters are both attractive and functional. We offer a wide range of gutter materials, colors, and styles, as well as numerous gutter accessories including leaf protection for easier maintenance. Contact TruTeam today and our local gutter installation professionals will help you see your gutter project through from material selection to completed installation.

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